Anonymoosly discover what’s happening around you.

By letting users anonymously exchange their thoughts, Moose creates a judgement-free community with raw and unique content. The groups feature gives Moose distinctive personality while also offering its users a sense of belonging. Oh, and it’s addictive as hell.

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No accounts. No passwords. No identity.

Choose your group and find out what your colleagues are talking about.
Connect, make friends and find valuable information that isn’t shared on any other social media channel. Have a raw look at what your colleagues are thinking!

Can’t find your group? Moose is still expanding. Let us know and we’ll discuss opening Moose in your group!

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Check out the hottest, newest or nearest posts. Moose allows you to like or dislike them so that only the best content is kept.

A continuously updating list of anonymous posts. Here, people share their thoughts, opinions, news or jokes. And the best part? The content is raw and unique since no one cares about the constant judgments.

Location information gives MOOSE distinctive personality that also allows users to develop a sense of community. You’ll see how far from you each post was created and you can choose to see only those that are really close.

Check out the hottest, newest and nearest posts. Moose allows you to like or dislike them so that only the best content is kept.


Comment on posts by sharing your opinion.

Whether you want to give advice, answer a question, show your interest, or just to express your opinion, commenting on posts will make you part of our community.

When you comment, you will be randomly assigned with a colorful icon. The post initiator will be identifiable by the MOOSE Glasses!


Initiate conversations to privately exchange your opinions and build new friendships.

Found a post you can relate to? Is someone sharing a similar point of view? Or perhaps a totally different one? Or… you simply feel a connection with someone? Go ahead and talk privately. Help each other, laugh together, feel better, and why not… meet!

You can always block users you don’t want to talk with. But be careful, you may never speak to them again, since no identities are shared.

Initiate conversations to privately exchange your opinions and build new friendships.


Compete with your friends by beating them to the top of the mountain.

MOOSE is not a regular app. It’s a community built around a journey. Based on your activity and how appreciated your posts are, you will go through different stages. Start from being a Chicken and go all the way up the Moose Mountain to become a fierce Rhinoceros.



Start releasing your moose. No shame. No fear. No embarrassment.

Moose features

Take off your mask. Start exploring. Get a new, sincere sense of reality. For free.


Thanks to the lack of identity, our feed contains only raw and unique content. Our users are not influenced by the constant judgements on other social media platforms.

Genuine content

With Moose you experience the most genuine content in social media because users are not constrained by anything.

Comment ANONYmooseLY

You have the opportunity to express your true opinion about other's posts. On the other side, you benefit from honest reactions on your posts.

true opinions

Users receive the most honest opinions from the Moose community. This way you can understand how people are actually thinking, without masks.


Chat can be initiated from posts, so you can discuss more about what interests you. Connect even more, exchange photos, share locations.


Get connected with authors of best posts or comments. Make friends. Here you have the chance to connect more with people like you.